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Nearly thousands of rob tickets new App hidden Trojan Ctrip is refers to "paid r
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Today from the Internet to book my train ticket to the New Year's eve that day, is expected to hit the direction of the ticket is still hard to get a ticket. The reporter understands from the railway department, is expected to adjust running on January 10, all stations will also increase the temporary trains, relieve the tense situation of hot line supporters. Ctrip's "cloud rob tickets" service charge package has also been questioned "cheating" have a special channel.


Some fake 12306 web pages and almost the same website.


Some phones rob tickets hidden Trojan software.


Some phones rob tickets hidden Trojan software.

Hot direction one ticket is hard to find, the beijing-tianjin inter-city trains into booking peak; Ctrip responded to spend money to rob tickets success rate increase is not big

The Beijing news dispatch (reporter conor tachileik) today from the Internet to book my train ticket to the New Year's eve that day, is expected to hit the direction of the ticket is still hard to get a ticket. The Beijing news reporter understands from the railway, January 10, is expected to adjust running, all stations will also increase the temporary trains, relieve the tense situation of hot line supporters.

Yesterday, ctrip's "cloud rob tickets" service charge package has also been questioned "cheating" have a special channel. Ctrip responded to buy ticket packages to improve the success rate is not big.

New Year's eve ticket or a few days ago "difficult to rob"

Yesterday, February 6, 12306 website sale ticket (December 28), reporter discovery, the popular direction of tickets is still just sold out immediately sold together. Started from the Beijing train ticket to 33 hot region hot, most of the time and berth ticket is no good alternative. Reporter, to chongqing, changsha, changchun, chengdu, fuzhou, hefei, lanzhou, jinan, wuhan, xi 'an and other 13 direction of train tickets to yesterday evening all have no.

Unlike a few days ago, Beijing to tianjin ticket yesterday also unusually tight, to 18 PM, more than 12306 sites show only three train ticket, ticket quantity is not big. The beijing-tianjin inter-city trains sale today will also be hard to get a ticket. Estimated near the short-distance tickets from Beijing to around New Year's eve rob has more votes, especially for 3 to 5 hour intercity trains and cars.

Railway departments, according to today online tickets went on sale on the day of the New Year's eve, is expected to hit the direction of the ticket is still tight, but supporters pressure without a few days ago. Plan on New Year's eve on the day of travel friend, also can try to purchase tickets to the window. "Sometimes temporary passenger train station will be on New Year's eve put on extra, can satisfy the travel demand." The staff said.

Success rate of ctrip said "just estimate"

Yesterday reporters into ctrip APP experience rob ticket process, such as to choose the trains prompt after the no votes, customers can choose cloud steal votes "honour enjoy unlimited time rob ticket" service. Click enter the page of fill in order, and show his success rate "cloud rob ticket", there's figure, the tips below ticket to the "buy package, rob can" jump the queue ". There are many price range set meal, respectively for $20 and $30 traffic casualty or hotel vouchers etc. Behind the package marked "speed of issue". One on the bottom of the option to "not to buy package", but did not indicate "speed" to the issue of a bill, but the tips below "ticket slower, sometimes queue".

Some netizens questioned ctrip's move as "paid" brush ticket, behind is "cheating" have a special channel.

In the face of netizens questioned, ctrip APP yesterday afternoon rob tickets page will "buy package, rob ticket can" jump the queue "when" prompt to delete. However, according to the relevant person in charge of ctrip, backstage data monitoring, according to whether to buy package, no matter how much money to buy package, ultimately real rob tickets success rate is not much difference.

Ctrip, the official said the success rate of display is actually based on a variety of factors that affect the ticket to a forecast, it was supposed to inform users how hard it is to get tickets. "Our service idea is hope by buying package, enter the quantity of rob ticket system."

S survey

132 tickets were tricked into loss of 551 yuan per capita

Spring Festival is coming, it is at the peak of the first rob ticket. Some hot train tickets once sold show "seconds" state.

The reporter learns from 360 Internet security center, since June 2015, net platform, the Beijing municipal public security bureau to set up a joint network security team with 360 company network fraud information reporting platforms) received the fake ticket to report 189 cases, involving 168841 yuan, the loss of 893 yuan per capita. Among them, there are 132 people cheated when buying tickets, the loss of 551 yuan per capita; 57 people were cheated when buying tickets, the loss of 1685 yuan per capita.

The anti-fraud experts said, as the Spring Festival ticket seconds kill gradually into the state, network fraud cases related to the ticket will also usher in the season.

Fake fishing traps or ticketing website

Net platform is introduced, and some criminals posing as 12306 website or civil aviation ticketing website, in the search engine marketing position or at low prices to attract buyers to buy tickets. Users pay through a third party platform, after the completion of the false tickets platform will be through the web site, telephone, text messaging and so on cue CARDS, authentication failure can't normal ticket information, such as asking passengers to buy, and promised to the fare will be refunded. After waiting for users to fill out the information and pay again, cheats, the user more than two pen even cheated fare.

Nearly thousand rob tickets phone APP hidden Trojan virus

Net platform is introduced, the shark's psychological using rob ticket peak people eager to buy a ticket, make false 12306 or mobile applications, and embedded in the application of malicious trojans. Ticket to the users in the use of the application to rob, Trojan has sneaked into mobile phones, to send Trojan the author specifies the number of text messages, to steal user SMS records and contact information, due to the effects of user privacy leak. More bad, malicious applications in user unbeknownst to send malicious deduction SMS, intercept and respond to secondary confirmation SMS, let the effects of mobile phone users spend in imperceptible in by a large number of consumption.

According to introducing, travel train tickets on sale in 2016, 360 mobile phone security center intercepted nearly thousand malicious tampering or train tickets, rob tickets disguise software mobile trojans, such as "rob tickets artifact", "12306 rob tickets expert", "rob tickets quickly", etc. These trojans have forcibly push anonymous pop-up ads, download the designated software, steal mobile payment account information, such as malicious behavior, consumption got infected mobile user traffic, serious still can cause damage to property of mobile phone users. At present, 360 mobile phone guard has to intercept all to this batch of Trojan killing.

S the case

The official website to book three tickets "treading water"

The eve of National Day, jinan resident zhang Ming search after "12306", click on one of the top sites. Chose three pieces of chengdu to chongqing train tickets, a total of 289.5 yuan, enter its friends and identity information, Zhang Mingxian choose pay treasure payment but payment failure, after the bank card payment smoothly. The whole process of the ticket is no exception, compared to the normal ticket website to complete the payment after one hour, zhang Ming has received the ticket successfully. Zhang Ming suddenly remind of, PM on site did not login is paid directly to buy tickets. Through a computer when they log on to the site again, zhang Ming found that cannot login page has displayed, zhang Ming this just found out that he had been cheated.

The Beijing news reporter Li Yutong intern swin

S remind

From payment log on to the whole process must be careful "trap"

According to the above situation, net platform anti-fraud experts advice for consumers.

1, look for the website to make a reservation

Tickets online should look for the 12306 official website (http://www.12306.cn/). A railway customer service center to download 12306 mobile client.

2 don't believe in low fares

See the word "ultra low-cost" "low discount" remain vigilant. At the same time, if the other party to provide a personal account request for transfer payments, should be cause for alarm.

3 choose reliable search engine

Buy tickets when choose well-known search engine, which can effectively reduce the loss in case of fraud.

4 alert to false "double check"

New rules this year tickets before the Spring Festival transportation, the railway department asked passengers buy tickets before the phone through 12306 website or the client double check. Users need to guard against false website and the SMS fraud. In case of problems should be directly dial 12306 for consultation.

Beware of refund fraud after 5 tickets

Consumer, after bought tickets to the electronic ticket to make the necessary query. At the same time, should pay attention to after the ticket, all require consumers to a cash refund or to a specified url to fill in the card information for fraud.

6 I cheated to report net platform

Online ticket if misfortune fraud, should be reported in time, at the same time can through the text, images, audio, video and so on a variety of ways to report net platform (110.360 cn).