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Create "small, all the beauty" mode Suning consumer finance lead pratt &whitney
Update:2015-12-26 15:25:17   |   Hits:16201   |   Author:admin

The China banking regulatory commission chairman assistant Yang Gucai review suning consumer finance "pratt &whitney model"

"Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" will develop "pratt &whitney financial" formal rise for the national strategy. On 9 November 18th session of the central deep change team reviewed and adopted the "pratt &whitney financial development planning (2016-2020). On November 11, a state council executive meeting to the prime minister, lee hark back to the "development of consumer credit, the consumer finance company pilot promotion to the whole country" policy.

In exports and investment drive under the background of tanking, promote consumption become "theme song", when boost economy pilot consumer finance companies, has become one of the "C major". The financial industry, but consumption has never been a higher profits "show", it need more of is a "live lonesome" heart and the efforts of the "silent and cultivated".

Suning consumer finance company always keep positioning, has been exploring "pratt &whitney financial" running on the road to a firm: less than half a year, suning consumer finance invitation letter user 20 million, 100 billion yuan credit line, single loan in less than an average of 1000 yuan. The personage inside course of study thinks, this kind of "small, all the beauty" pratt & Whitney development model will lead the industry development.

Innovation service mode, "small" loans more intimately

Miss wang, 24, is an online, during the period of "double a" Su Ningyi purchase site shopping on a chair. From a few dollars toothbrush towel to thousands of yuan of mobile computers, miss wang chose to use "capricious pay" payment by installments.

Capricious, suning consumer finance after the establishment of the first personal consumer credit products, credit line of up to 200000, and with the installment payment days long, low fees, "SanLing stage" activities such as the rich advantages, become the fastest growing consumer finance industry "legend" : cumulative credit number of nearly 20 million people, than all other domestic regular consumer finance companies invited more than the total amount of the credit number.

With Su Ningyi electricity purchasing business platform and more than 1600 entity stores, suning consumer finance took the lead in the industry practice of "online drainage, offline experience" O2O consumer finance mode. Consumers can choose any way of loan application, can also be online shopping consumption, there is no limit to the consumption amount, the fastest one minute can get loans, convenient is close. Double tenth time, capricious pay for 69% of all the orders from the mobile terminal, suning stores 100 70 transactions in order to choose capricious pay payment.

Big data analysis, "the taste" is not difficult to tune

National development pratt &whitney financial, the purpose is to improve financial service coverage, availability, satisfaction, meet people's growing financial demand, especially for farmers, such as urban low-income people in time to get the price is reasonable, convenient and safe financial services is studying, this kind of customers are often because of the lack of central bank credit registries were refused by the bank institutions.

Suning consumer finance outside the central bank credit, relying on suning retail big data, combined with the third party inquiry platform, pioneering new credit mode, for more in low-income clients with unsecured unsecured consumer credit loans. Company opened for six months, the non-performing loan ratio below 0.5%, well below the 2.85% defective rate the overall level of industry.

Suning Chen Ming consumer finance company general manager said, "through the data mining, can also understand the potential demand of the customers, provide customized consumer financial services, and even reverse customization commodity, more accurate service customers' requirements."

IPhone 6 s starting on September 25, suning channel in the first batch of nearly 200000 mobile phones, more than 50% of the fruit are chose "capricious pay installment. Double tenth time, nearly 70% choose in buying televisions customer "capricious pay installment.

Price is much cheaper, experience more "beautiful" more capricious

Suning consumer finance risk control technology effectively reduces the operating costs, eventually through preferential pricing of the savings to the customer, realize pratt & finance.

Wayward pay a month only 0.498%, the lowest is only 50% to 70% of the same kind of products on the market; Newly launched with borrowed also, daily interest is low enough to four over ten thousand.

Another example, since launched in June, 618, 818, listed on the iPhone 6 s, National Day, the latest "double a" shopping festival, capricious pay has conducted 5 times of the whole platform "SanLing stage" activity, far more than other products. To present the most popular iPhone plus 6 s, for example, with 6 installment, headstrong pay a zero fee, pay nearly 170 yuan less than other platforms.

More beautiful is not only the price, including service of fast experience and the diversification of consumption scenarios.

Invitation letter user activated, a second fastest new application user approval by ten minutes. Suning online consumer scene seamless docking, online payment a key, offline store yards pay, consumers anytime and anywhere, arbitrary switching. Double tenth time, average every wayward pay order to pay the operating time is less than 0.01 seconds, pay 99.99% success rate.

The development of the industry analysis, consumer finance, is the consumer scene full coverage. Suning consumer finance is unswervingly take the path of "scenario development", suning capricious pay business coverage, for example, from June at the beginning of the online retail, has developed into an outfit, campus, wedding market segments, such as releasing the wayward home, home that willfulness and beauty, etc. Series of credit products.

"Pratt &whitney is essential to a financial reform and evolution, pay more attention to the future rather than history. Its special attention outside the existing financial system innovation in financial markets, especially the Internet consumer finance market, need to nurture future financial innovators." Suning Wang Qisheng consumer finance company chairman said, "at this point, we su ning consumer financial responsibility."